Instructional and Learning Apps

In today’s world of competitiveness, it is very important for students to have rock-solid concepts. They should have a strong knowledge about their subjects. Often, some teachers simply deliver a lecture or read from the slides of the presentation, and leave. Or, even if the teacher is using the board to draw illustrations, it seldom goes to the teacher’s notice, how many students are paying attention, how many are able to grasp what is being explained. Instructional and learning apps help to clear the concepts of the students about the topics they are studying. These apps aims to give the students a clear idea about the basics first, so that they are able to understand the high yield concepts more easily and efficiently.

Benefits of Usage of Instructional and Learning Apps

These apps are able to make students more interactive. There is better engagement and interaction between teachers and students. Nowadays, schools and other educational institutions have realized the benefits of instructional and learning apps. So, many educational institutions have incorporated such apps actively into their set of teaching aids. These apps have therefore; become a trend in the field of education. It is a useful resource for better illustration, explanation of processes using animations, exercises and evaluation.

Science has proved that an individual learns better when he sees and hears the topic, as compared to when he reads them on his own. During monotonous reading, it is natural to lose focus and become absent minded. The whole process of reading becomes futile in that case. This is not insincerity but a natural way of how the brain is designed. Our brain gets tired of monotonous pattern of reading. These apps are able to deliver the best audio-visual aided learning experience for students to learn and retain better

Commonly Used Learning Apps

Google Classroom is one of the most common and reliable apps when it comes to learning. It can streamline assignments and distribute them. Teachers and educators can use the app to create classes, update all the students about important information, distribute assignments, and many other things. This app can also integrate other useful Google apps such as Google Docs. Another advantage is that, it can be accessed using any browser. It is compatible with most browsers and has a user-friendly interface.

Kahoot is a game based platform enabling fun learning. It helps teachers to keep the students motivated and interested, along with studying seriously. The games are competitive and knowledge-based.

Other commonly used learning apps are Remind, See Words: Teacher, Edmodo etc.


The necessity of smart classroom and smart teaching has paved the way for instructional and learning apps. The apps are receiving a highly positive response in the market because of successful outcome. Students are able to enjoy learning using these apps. Both teachers and students are finding these useful. Teachers are using these as powerful tools to keep students interested in the subject. With the help of these learning apps, bookish learning is now a matter of the past.