Hcpss me is a student self service portal of Howard County Public School System designed for learning management and has different instructional apps for Elementary, Middle & High and Student & Staff. Registered Students can login into the portal and can access various learning management apps. All the instructional apps are clearly explained in the post. To login in the Instructional Apps section, you need a username and password.

How to Use HCPSS ME

  • Visit the Official Website HCPSS.ME
  • Select Appropriate Application on the homepage
  • Enter the username and password
  • On successful validation, you will be directed to the dashboard
  • If you have forgotten the password or looking for the activation click on the account activation and forgot password.
  • Enter the registered email and submit the “send email” button. Follow the instructions to reset the password sent to your register email.
  • If you have any other concerns contact HCPSS administrator through email or telephone.

HCPSS ME Instructional Apps

Canvas Learning Management

Canvas is one of the most used instructional app for student learning management. HCPSS ME is integrated with canvas to make the student learning more effective and ease. On the homepage you can find canvas, the very first app. Log in with the registered the username and password of hcpss,me to get started with the canvas

G Suite

G suite enables you to get all the google products at one place such as gmail, docs, drive, calendar and many more. It saves a lot of time by organising the all the google products at one place. You can access the G suite module on hcpss me

Office 365

Office 365 is a suite of various productive Microsoft apps such as Sharepoint, skype for business server, docs, excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and many more. It’s just another platform as G suite with various differentiating and added features and the best part is it is integrated with


Wevideo is rich video editing web application that works interactively with any modern browser. It has definite features that are most suitable for k-12 students like video & sound editing tools, mind mapping, comic tools and many more.


MackinVIA is an ebook application developed for k-12 students. With Mackinvia student can access the school ebooks on mobiles, tablets and computer. You can search desired ebooks from a massive database and read conveniently from anywhere on any device. It provides many interactive features like Bookmarks, Note-taking, Highlighting e.t.c., Students just need to open the application on hcpss me and login with the credentials

HC Library

HC Library is turned into e-library and can be accessed from your home or anywhere with the working internet connection. All the student books which are available in electronic viewable format (ebooks) can be opened with HC library. Log into the to get access.


Clever is the ultimate learning platform for students providing new ways to learn stuff easily, efficiently. Clever is a single sign-on portal to access all the digital learning resources. You can install the personalised choice of applications. Clever is empowering the teachers and creating new ways to learn. Clever is the most widely used tool for student learning throughout the United States. All the learning applications can be integrated with the single sign-on feature using hcpss me.

Typing Agent

Typing agent software is for elementary standard students and helps the kids in learning the right way to use the keyword for typing. Regular typing tests improves the typing speed of the children and incorporates competency among them. It is categorised under the elementary section along with the wixie on


Wixie is a painting software along with the voice modulation and writing focussed on the elementary students for casting their imaginations in the form of art. It’s a fun app and all the created projects can be shared with the classmates, teachers and parents. You Start using wixie by logging with hcpss me


Naviance is designed for planning the college and career of a student. It helps in choosing the right career path with experts respecting your choices and guiding the right college course that should enrol in. You can schedule a demo with the naviance team or contact them for career help.

Office 365 Email

Office 365 email enables you to check for the emails that connected with your school/college. All the emails related to college/school are sent to your personalised edu email and can be accessed from the office 365 email

The Digital Citizenship Pledge is displayed on the hcpss me portal. According to the pledge, the user has to respect themselves and others by civility, vigilance and integrity, when they use the digital tools. The user will use the digital tools which are provided to educate themselves and others. They will think critically, collaborate, communicate and create.

Instructional Technology Resources

On the hcpss me portal, there is a section on courses. The courses include Grade PreK Family and Community Resources, Kindergarten Family and Community Resources, Grade 1 Family and Community Resources, Grade 2 Family and Community Resources, Grade 3 Family and Community Resources, Grade 4 Family and Community Resources and Grade 5 Family and Community Resources. The digital tools are available to the students on the portal. In curriculum and instruction, the digital tool is an integral part. It helps the students to prepare themselves as a future ready learner. On the canvas home page of the hcpss me portal, the teacher publishes the digital tools which are used in the classroom. These digital tools are available 24/7 for access by the students.

Howard County Library System Launch – HCPSS ME

HCPSS Me has launched the library for the students which enable them to access the e classroom content from anywhere. They can log in to the e-library and start working on the projects and homework anywhere in the world. HCLS has launched the A+ student card to access all the electronic content made for the students.

All the HCPSS students have received their unique A+ student card at the beginning of the 2017–2018 school year. The student can use this A+ student card account number on portal and can get access to all the elibrary content.

The new A+ student card is a universal solution for accessing the e-content of hcpss. It provides a one-stop solution for accessing the content from home as well as from all the hcls library branches. Saying that old HCLS Cards can be still used at the library branches. The new A+ students cards act as the two-way solution for accessing the content making it much easier for students for homework and research purpose.

HCPSS ME Connect

HCPSS connect provides access to various classroom instructional tools and also features the insights of your child information at one place offering timely and relevant information, giving personalized communication about the child. HCPSS Connect offers a lot of important features to monitor the progress of your child. Few of them are explained below.

  • Attendance: Gives attendance performance of your child periodically for middle and high school students and daily insights for elementary students.
  • Conference: This feature allows to schedule the parent-teacher meeting conferences during conference times.
  • Report Card: Provides the grades of your ward in the last performing the examinations.
  • Attendance notifications: As a parent, you can monitor your child’s attendance progress regularly by turning on the attendance notification. Every time your child gets absent you’ll get an email from hcpss me.
  • Academic Information: It gives full insights of student performance progress including the average test scores, reports, GPA’s and graduation requirements.
  • Course History: Displays all the courses completed by the student with their respective earned grades.
  • School Information: Here you can find all the contact information about the school.
  • Athletic Registration: Helps you to register for the desired high school sports online from the hcpss portal.
  • Summer School Schedule: Provides a catalogue of classes that student may need to enrol during the summer school
  • Along with this you will have features like class schedule, report card, student information, canvas, family file, homeroom, jump start on hcpss me.


What is HCPSS?

Ans: HCPSS or Howard County Public School System is a school system that is made for Howard County that is situated in Maryland. HCPSS brings together some tools that help students to learn new skills and secure their future. Tools like HC library, Pac, Clever, Typing agent, Wixie, Navience, Office 365, etc through a centralized shared online portal. It includes 77 schools and has enrolled 57,907 students.

What is expected from the students, parents and the staff?

The students are expected to use the technology for enhanced learning only in a responsible, civil, ethical and appropriate manner. The HCPSS will provide the instruments but the students can bring their instruments or tech to the school too but on their own risk

What is Wixie?

Wixie is a cloud-based creative platform that lets the art of the students publish in the form of their drawings, their voice, and their writing. The only thing required is a username and password for the Wixie that can be obtained by the school and it can be downloaded on the tablet

What is Naviance?

Naviance is a web-based career readiness platform that is available to the students of middle school and high school along with their parents. Naviance can be used by the school counsellor and the staff in the school, but Naviance is made available at any time for the students and parents

What is office 365?

Office 365 is a worldwide used tool for educational, professional and personal reasons. Office 365 is a product of Microsoft and one of the most successful products of all time. Office 365 includes Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft OneDrive, Excel, Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Teams, Microsoft Yammer and much more. Office 365 can be helpful to a student in a lot of ways and makes school life much easier

What is a Typing agent?

Typing agent is a software that helps the user learn typing in a fun way and by including exercises and games as assessments. Typing agent is an important have tool for someone in the IT world, as all they do is strike keyboard and if you can accurately type at fast speed than it is a plus point, but if not then you can take help from the typing agent and be better at it. HCPSS provides the digital tools and among them is a typing agent too, to help you out in these types of conditions

How can students and staff change the password of their HCPSS?

The students and staff change the password very easily by simply providing the email address or the phone number provided while signing up, and whatever you provide, will receive a link that will let you change your password

What is the digital citizenship pledge?

It is a pledge that contains the guidelines and the moral, ethical code that the students, staff, parents or anyone should follow. It includes the things that the students must keep in mind while using the digital tools provided and the policies applicable. The pledge tells us to respect others as well as yourself, and the use of digital tools in an only educational manner

Are there books also or just software to help the students?

We have a habit of reading from books and when we are saying to shift to the digital tools. It is easy to get distracted and it happens too. But yes, there are e-books available in kindle form or in pdf form for the students to read. The HC library ensures to include the important books for the development of the students and that is required by them. Although it may not be possible to keep every book in the pdf format as much we get, we include it in the HC library

What if someone needs help with any of the digital tools or the software?

If someone can not access their account or if there is any other difficulty, he or she should directly come to any of the staff and give details about the problems he or she is having, they will try to sort it out by themselves and if not sorted they will make sure to report it to the higher authorities about it

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